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1994.5-Up EZGO TXT - Heavy-Duty Rear Leaf Spring Kit

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We've got all kinds of accessories for the rear end of your golf cart. There are rear seat kits, cargo boxes, heavy golf bags, or maybe just rowdy kids who don't follow your rules for the golf cart. Whatever the case may be, it looks like the rear end of your EZGO is starting to sag with all that attention. Now picture this. You are trying to take friends home after the game, being the responsible person you are, and all they want to do is make fun of how you bottom out every time you hit a bump. Can't get any respect these days!

Well, shut em up quick with the aftermarket E-Z-GO TXT Heavy Duty Rear Leaf Spring Kit from Buggies Unlimited. Make Sagging a thing of the past. These things are stiff enough to carry even the largest of your friends home after a long night of cheering for their favorite team. This kit has it all, two four-leaf springs for the golf cart and all the u-bolts, bushings, and nuts you need to get them installed properly.

Kit includes:

  • Fits non-lifted E-Z-GO TXT models 1994.5-Up
  • 2 4-Leaf Rear Springs
  • 4 U-Bolts
  • 12 Rear Leaf Spring Bushings
  • 6 Leaf Spring Bushing Spacers
Please Note: This kit will not work for Gas TXT models 2014 and newer. For 2014 and new gas TXT models you will need leaf spring #8336