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1995-07 Yamaha G14-G16-G19-G20-G21-G22 - Heavy-Duty Rear Shock

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If you are looking to add a rear seat to your cart, a few things need to happen before installing that bad boy. First and foremost, we need to know how much weight you intend to carry. Are we talking two grandkids three times a year, or are you hauling plants around a nursery all day? The grandkids can probably survive on the stock suspension. However, if you overload it, your caddie will be on the list of casualties. If you plan to haul heavy loads, the Yamaha Heavy Duty Rear Shock will be your best friend in the world.

This is a golf cart shock absorber designed to carry a significant amount more weight than the original shocks could. This not only increases the weight you can put over the rear axle for a Yamaha rear seat or cargo box but the amount you can tow as well. Give Buggies Unlimited a call today and get what you need.


  • Heavy duty rear shock absorber
  • Single Unit
  • Fits Yamaha Gas and Electric 1995-2007 G14-G22
  • OEM # JJ3-F2210-10