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Club Car-EZGO Set of 16 - Chrome Lug Nuts

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Club Car and EZGO are the top two major golf cart manufacturers in the United States. Being that they are both domestically produced buggies, some of the parts for them will interchange. There is no better example of this than these golf car Chrome Lug Nuts. The nuts we are referring to are the ones that hold the wheel onto the hub. There are 4 per wheel. Without these handy little things, you would not be able to install those fancy aftermarket wheels you just installed.

Sure, you could use the ones that came on the cart; those old zinc-plated, nasty-looking things. Those are going to make your new wheel look like garbage. Do not waste your time even putting those old ones on; just get a brand new set from Buggies Unlimited. Even if you just got a new set of black wheels or even white ones, anything looks better than the standard ones. Make it pop with a complete set of 16 golf cart chrome lug nuts.


  • Chrome Lug Nuts in SAE Thread Pitch
  • 1/2" x 20
  • Set of 16
  • Fits Club Car / E-Z-GO Models