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Traction Tire with Steel Beige Wheel - 8 Inch

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Growing up, a lot of us were in the scouts. Whether it was because our parents needed two hours without us once a week and a free weekend once a month or if they actually wanted us to learn survival skills. Either way, the knowledge we picked up was crucial to turning us into the men and women we are today. One of those lessons that stick out in the minds of those who took the cycling merit badge has to be the course on tubes for your tires. What a frustrating waste of time. Tubeless tires are much less of a hassle and are the way to go when it comes to your golf cart. Well, lookie here, Buggies Unlimited has one right here. It's the Traction 18x8.5-8 4-Ply Tire with an 8-Inch Beige Wheel.

The offroad traction tire is tubeless and provides a higher level of grip than the OEM model you will be replacing. This one comes mounted on an 8-inch beige steel wheel to be aired up and ready to mount on the golf cart. Make sure you buy as many as you need; this is only one aftermarket tire and wheel assembly. Call Buggies Unlimited, and let's get you rolling.

  • 18x8.50-8 Traction Tire Traction tread 4-ply Tubeless
  • 8" beige steel wheel
  • Sold individually
Note: All tires and wheels are shipped Standard UPS Ground only.